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Welcome to the website of the Saudi Society for Clinical Chemistry and we are honored to have you as one of our new members and would like you to get all the benefits from this association that was established in November 2014. Our mission is to keep specialists in this field up-to-date with the latest developments with regards to the clinical aspects of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. We encourage you to participate in the voluntary work that will be organized by the association to inform the community of latest advances in the field of clinical chemistry

Multiple Myeloma

Assessing serum biological markers is an essential component of detecting and monitoring multiple myeloma disease progression. Multiple myeloma is the second-most-common blood malignancy and represents approximately 120,000 new cases worldwide per year, writes Joshua Bornhorst, PhD, in the June issue of CLN.


Copeptin is a 39-amino acid-long peptide derived from a pre-pro-hormone consisting of vasopressin, neurophysin II and copeptin. Arginine vasopressin (AVP), also known as the antidiuretic hormone (ADH), is involved in multiple cardiovascular and renal pathways and functions.